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Management Team

Left to right:
Michael Solomon, VP of Operations
Michael Lubas, VP of Sales and Marketing
John Crabbe, Jr., President
Lon Finkelstein, CFO

The Vermont Tent Company is lead by a team of individuals with a long history at the Vermont Tent Company. Each one of the management team began as summer help installing tents at local events for the company over 20 years ago. Their dedication to building and maintaining a company with honesty and integrity over these years has earned them the trust and recognition of the community they serve. Their knowledge and leadership within the event industry is unparalleled.


John Crabbe, Jr. View bio
John H. Crabbe, Jr. founded Vermont Tent & Catering Company in 1976 with one 60 x 60 pole tent. Over the next 10 years the company grew with more tents and equipment rentals, and he dropped the catering part of the business. By 1993 Vermont Tent Company had the largest inventory of Anchor Module tents in the country.

John always believed that supporting the community was an important part of his life and his business, and has remained committed to contributing an average of 5% of the company's gross receipts to non-profit and community organizations. In 1996 Vermont Tent Company was the recipient of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce Award for community service and in May of 1997 it won the National Small Business of the Year Award by the Small Business Council of America.

In 2006, John was elected and served for 3 years as the American Rental Association President Elect, President and Chairman of the Board. He also served as Chairman of the Party Special Interest Group. John is the founding member and treasurer of the Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals.

Lon Finkelstein View bio
Lon grew up in Philadelphia, Pa, and began working at the Vermont Tent Company as a part time job while taking summer classes at UVM. Lon fell in love with Vermont and decided to stay on after graduating, with a full time position at Vermont Tent. "I'm proud to be part of a company that is able to give back, and is so widely respected throughout the community."

"Lon's ability to remain level-headed in all types of situations has made him an invaluable part of our Management Team", says John Crabbe. In the event business so much rides on the timely precision and coordination of orders and deliveries, it's a great asset to have a calm person able to respond intelligently and quickly to whatever may arise.

Lon enjoys sports, his kids, and his lifestyle, which allows him to be deeply involved with his children every day.

Michael Lubas View bio
Mike grew up in Pennsylvania and went to the University of Vermont to play basketball in 1986 and never left the state. He started working at the Vermont Tent Company on the tent crew, and several years later, he was offered the position of Tent Installation Supervisor.

"This was at an exciting time in the company's development, " Mike remembers, " the business was growing and there were thousands of events, from small backyard parties, weddings for 400 people to large tented corporate events for 2000 people. One of the most noteworthy projects I was part of was President Clinton's Election party called the Reunion on the Mall in 1992."

Mike has evolved into the lead contact for Corporate Events where he has been working with clients like the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston since 1992. Mike is known for his organizational, and creative event planning skills.

"I have made many friends over the years planning and working with the event planners. It's also exciting to help plan so many weddings, birthday parties, and see the event come off flawlessly. We can't make mistakes because many of the social events that we are a part of will only happen once."

Like many of the employees at the Vermont Tent Company, Mike believes strongly about supporting the local community and charities. "I always support the March of Dimes and the NICU at Fletcher Allen. My twin daughters were born 10 weeks premature and I'll never forget what great care they got at FAHC."

"I am very passionate about my family, I enjoy my kids soccer games and playing golf."

Michael Solomon View bio
Mike is a second generation Vermonter, who began his career at the Vermont Tent Company setting up tents as a summer job in 1991. His strong work ethic earned him the recognition of "Rookie of the Year" and and the company's President John Crabbe, created a job just for him so that he would stay on.

Mike's ability to get things done right, and for developing efficient systems for the Vermont Tent Company, has proved this early decision to be the right one said Crabbe, and Mike is great at managing people.

Mike believes that "our job is to make sure that the many behind the scenes details are taken care of". His knack for coordinating systems, time and people, has made this appear easy to Vermont Tent Company's clients, who time and time again rely on just these factors for their special events.

Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and children, and loves to go fishing every chance he can get.