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Tips and Trends

Our staff is constantly updating their library of photos and information to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends, colors and styles for your type of event. We have a reference area where you can review publications, or look to our resource files of photographers, caterers, venues, and florists.
Here are some helpful tips from the staff.



TENTS- Sidewalls are useful even in fair weather. Our sidewalls run every ten feet, and can be individually lowered like blinds to block the sun
or wind needed throughout the dayTIP 2

CANDLES- Use long-lasting and low-smoking Votive candle inserts (we have these in stock). The inexpensive tea lights only last a couple of hours and then you are left in the dark, often without replacements or the time and manpower to change and relight all your votives.


GOOD TO THE EARTH- The greenest, most earth-friendly way to hold an event is to use rental china, glassware, and linens. Using disposables (even those with recycled content) tends to be comparable in cost to rental products, and all those disposables end up in plastic bags in a landfill.


While sunset weddings are beautiful, they can also be blinding. Face guests away from the sun to avoid the glare.


Always have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. A ceremony tent that can be quickly transformed into a cocktail space is a great option if you are planning to get married outdoors.


Choose your vendors wisely. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure all your vendors are comfortable working in an outdoor environment.


LANDSCAPING- Start your landscaping early. Taking care of your lawn and surrounding flower beds will create natural beauty. Plant flowers according
to the time they will bloom for your wedding.


Consider using different sizes and shapes of tables (circular, square, rectangular) and use different textures and designs for fabrics. Each table top will have a distinct personality.